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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
1:59 pm
Dream entry
I am suspended in a room that seems to be made out of a shifting multi-colored goo. My head is free but the rest of my body is encased. When I try to move my arms it is either too slow to register or nothing at all. The place I am makes me feel like it is an organism that is breathing or moving in some way. There are shimmering portals hanging in the air at irregular intervals and heights throughout. I notice movement out of the corner of my vision and see a creature with near cartoon like features. The arms and legs are long and spindly a juxtapose to it thick body with a round belly and squat neck. The head looks like it comes straight out of the shoulders with a ant eater like snout moving about and sniffing the air. Large yellow glowing orbs take the place where it's eye should be. It is covered in a black leather and walks with an odd sort of galumph to it's movements. At first it seems very comical to me as I watch it move from portal to portal. As it peers into each individual portal I start to notice what is in those portals. I can see people, some I know and others I don't, sleeping in their beds. It moves about for a while never staying at one portal too long. One of the portals changes and instead of seeing a sleeping person I see what looks to be another world. This sparks an immediate reaction in the creature as it's eyes turn red and it launches itself to the portal that changed. It lands with its arms and legs gripping the edges of the portal, almost like a spider, and I hear this horrible sucking sound. It sounds as if someone is gasping, rasping, for air. It grows louder and louder filling the area scraping into my head. I want to plug my ears but my arms still just won't budge. I struggle in vain as I watch the colors of the world beyond the portal swirl into the sucking nose-like appendage. I can see cracks appearing in the portal, as if it was glass, and suddenly I hear myself scream "Enough." I hear a loud and distinctive cracking, like a large chunk falling off a glacier, and suddenly I fall forward. I land without grace in a heap, and as I collect myself to stand up, I notice the dread vacuuming has ceased. The creature has turned from the cracked portal and now it staring directly at me. In the red eyes I swear I can see a dark mote in the center. A well of darkness in a seething sea of lava. The suddenly it is in the air, legs and arms splayed out, flying at me. I feel my hand grasp around a hard chunk of whatever I was encased in. I shoot my arms forward, as it's leap sends it down upon me, and I feel the chunk of dream stuff stab into it. The creature shrieks and throws itself away from me, hands grasping at the chunk, a green smoke shooting from the wound and rapidly filling the room. It's flailing ceases and the smoke coalesces into a huge cloud in front of me. I see those red eyes again. This time they fill me with an unspeakable dread and a voice like thunder fills the room. "Fool! You were but to watch, to feel, and to know your impotence. Now you shall feed my hunger and know it's pain." Claws of smoke reach down faster than I can respond and lift me into the air by my head. I can feel it sinking into me, invading my head, my mind. i scream and reach my arms up in an attempt to wrench myself from it's grasp. I hear it's next words in my head as if they were my own thoughts. "Struggle makes this all the sweeter to me. I was young when your kind was just beginning to fear the dark corners of the world.I have fed upon your kind for millennia. You are my food and you have no hope of salvation now." I scream again as the pain becomes like a burning fire in my head. The smoke of the creature begins to move to envelop my body and then I see the other people in the portals are now also being fed upon as well, all at once. Then the pain subsides and I feel a calm wash over me. In that moment I feel a clarity of thought and my words boom from my mouth with a force my lungs have never produced. "No monster, the only fool here is you. For this current body is young but I am a child of the stars. My atoms forged in the furnaces of creation. A fire burns within that you cannot hope to quench. Begone and trouble me no more." With those words a brilliant white light floods the area and blanks out the scene.
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